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I was a student of Naveneet Sir Ji. I really appreciate the teaching techniques which helped me to get 8 Bands (Rajdeep Singh)

My friends recommended me to join this institute. I was given 2 Free Classes to see the difference. I got 7.5 Bands as a result of my hard work and focused guidance.

I am a working professional. I had a very little time to prepare self. I attended the orientation classes. The individual attention given helped me to gain 8 Bands. (Parshant Sehajpal)

I joined this institute after completing my 10+2. The classes were very effective and I got 7.5 Bands. I think you must join this institute if you really want to do well in your IELTS (Simrandeep Singh)

I am in Australia. I just joined this institute for a week or so. 7.5 Band is my result. (Rishabh Shahi)

I think this institute is 100 times better than others. Everything is target oriented and the student are given special help to achieve the best. I got 7 Bands (Amrinder Singh)

Being from a village I was always nervous to attempt IELTS. But once I came to this institute my confidence has become my cutting edge. I got 7 Bands. (Harjot Singh)

I was not very good with my confidence. I even thought that I need to have English classes before going for the IELTS preparation. The orientation class proved me wrong. My English was good and got 7.5 Bands after the training of 2 months (Gurvir Singh)

This institute is wonderful in fact it’s a gift for the students of Samrala area. I got 7 Bands (Amarjot Singh)


I got 7 Bands. All my friends and parents were very happy even I also felt great. If you wanna feel the same then just join this institute before you go anywhere else. (Simranpreet Singh)


Join this institute and achieve success in your life. I got 7 Bands. (Ramandeep Singh)


My classes were wonderful. All the teachers are highly professional and qualified. I got 7 Bands. (Ishan Chawla)

I really enjoyed my coaching classes. Everything done in the class is target oriented. The students are always encouraged and motivated to become successful. I got 7 Bands `````(Ravinder Singh)

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I did my training at Naveneet’s Mind Maker and got the desired band score. I think this institute has a lot to offer to every one. So, join it if you really wish to be in the right boat. (Minakshi)

I was a bit scared of IELTS but after joining the orientation classes it was nothing at all. I got seven bands. If you want the best coaching of your test, then join the classes to see the difference between this and other institutes. (Sarjivan Kaur)

My coaching classes were fabulous. The orientation of Naveneet Sir proved to be highly beneficial. I got 7.5 bands. This institute comes up to every expectation of yours. (Kirandeep Kaur)

I thought IELTS would be difficult but after joining the training sessions it was nothing. I got 8 bands twice. Once in GT and the other time in Academic. (Sukhdeep Kaur)

Somebody had given me the reference to join Naveneet’s Mind Maker. I was really happy to find the institute above my expectations. I got 7 bands (Ritika Sharma)

"I took the classes for two months. The orientation classes provided me the strategies and my TRF is with 7.5 Bands (Amandeep Kaur)

I was a student at Samrala centre. I feel every student aspiring to get the best result must join Naveneet’s Mind Maker. I got 8 Bands in just one and a half month. (Manmeet Kaur)

I am in UK at present targeting my dreams. Thanks to Naveneet’s Mind Maker for helping me to get 7 Bands (Navdeep Kaur)

I joined Naveneet’s Mind Maker. This institute practices what it preaches. I got 7.5 Bands with the guidance of focused classes. (Rajdeep Kaur)

It was my hard work to follow the skills and the strategies given in the orientation class and the end was 7.5 Bands. Thanks Naveneet’s Mind Maker (Simranjit Kaur)


I am at Australia at present. I joined this institute for my each 7 requirement. The skills and strategies given in the classroom helped me to achieve this target easily. I got 7.5 overall. (Lakhvir Kaur)


My English was really good. I needed professional guidance to attempt IELTS. So I came to Naveneet’s Mind Maker. 7.5 is the Band which I got in just 1 month (Upasana)

I had heard a lot about Naveneet’s Mind Maker and its IELTS training classes. I joined it and getting 7.5 Bands was nothing but the orientation class. (Sapreet Kaur)